Shoulder-to-Shoulder Sponsorship

The Shoulder-to-Shoulder (S2S) Ministry Center is currently the home for 16 young Thai kids.  They are all Hill Tribe kids from 4 of the 6 main tribes living in northern Thailand. Normally people in the USA, Australia and other countries sponsor these kids. They send money to Acorn2Oaks, a USA non-profit, who then sends 100% of those funds to Thailand.

Continuing Education Youth Support (CEYS) is the part of S2S that receives this money and then distributes it. The sponsorship money pays the expenses for the sponsored child including tuition, uniforms, books, activity fees, room & board at the S2S Ministry Center and a monthly stipend that includes transportation cost to and from school and meals at school.

Annual cost of sponsorship is: $1,000 for High School and $1,700 for University students.  If you would like to sponsor one of these students, please contact us to make the sponsor-student connection. General donations are also welcome as the sponsor fee does not cover 100% of the expenses for these students. General donations should be marked “S2S-General”.

Shoulder-to-Shoulder HIV Ministry

Every month staff and students from Shoulder-to-Shoulder visit families infected with HIV. These people were seriously ill when we first made contact.  They were in very poor health, in some cases near death. None of them were able to work!

Each month we bring them food to supplement their diet. We bring them spiritual encouragement as we shared the Gospel message with them.  Most of these families are Buddhist believers. Only a few are believers in Jesus.  Often we sing worship songs while we are there visiting and we always ask them how we can pray for them.  When we pray we include them in the prayer activity!

We currently visit 9 families each month.  Our monthly budget for this is $600.  Currently we are receiving about $350 monthly.  If you would like to support our HIV families, please mark your donation “HIV Support”.

Shoulder-to-Shoulder Building Fund

We have several needs coming under this heading for Building Fund…

The Ministry Center is done.  However, it is not fully paid for.  There is a loan of $120,000 that needs to be paid.  We appreciate any and all donations to help us pay down this loan.

The Ministry Center is done.  However, there are still many projects still needing to be completed.  We are currently working on a playground area for volleyball, badmitten and basketball next to the Ministry Center.  The end of June we planted grass (sod) around the house.  During this past hot season, most of the wells in our village went dry, including ours.  So last year we dug a new well 56 meters deep (about 185 feet) which has been working really great and the water is so much cleaner!

Currently all of our kids, boys and girls, are living in the Ministry Center.  The Social Welfare Department in Thailand says it is not legal to have boys and girls in the same house.  Last year (2016) Social Welfare decided it had been long enough.  They insisted that we move the boys out of the Ministry Center.  Bill went to visit them asking for 1 year to build the new boy’s house.  The house is about 70% done.  We are hoping to move the boys into their new house in October, 2017.

There are still things we need for the house: 4 water heaters: $140 each, 4 ceiling fans $150 each, 2 kitchen sinks $200 each, 5 toilets $100 each, 5 bathroom sinks $$80 each, water tanks, water tower and pump $1500.

The most expensive process will be upgrading our electrical systems.  We need to purchase a transformer to be mounted on a pole on our property.  Total cost of the upgrade is $16,000.

Can you help?  If you can, any help is appreciated for any of these areas.  To donate to the building fund please mark your donation as “Building-Loan” or “Building-Projects” or “Building-Boys” or “Boys – <item description>” for example “Boys – Ceiling Fan”.


How YOU can help…

Any donations are helpful!  Thank you for reading this page and considering donating.  Donations can be made in either of 2 ways…

  • sent directly to Acorn2Oaks (PO Box 54, Zelienople, PA  16063)
  • made by clicking the button below to donate through

Be assured that 100% of your donations will go to the fund you choose.  Your donations will help to continue to provide a permanent location for S2S students and to maintain and enhance the property!

Click this button to make a one-time donation to Acorn2Oaks, Inc.  Clicking this button will take you to PayPal for processing.  Please enter the amount and let us know hou you would like this donation to be used.  You can donate from a PayPal account or using a Credit Card.  If you use a credit card you do not need to have a PayPal account.

Click this button to make a monthly Subscription donations to sponsor one of our Thai kids.  Be sure to contact us first to select one of these awesome kids.  Again, this button will take you to PayPal for processing.  100% of your donations to Acorn2Oaks, Inc. will go to support your sponsored child.

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